One of A Bee Organic’s founding principles is humane treatment of clients and employees, whether full-time staff or independent contractors. A Bee is a virtual office- we all work from home or the job site, depending on the day. We enjoy bring your pet to work day almost every day. A Bee Organic believes in and will practice equal opportunity, non-discriminatory employment of qualified individuals.

We do have some requirements, fairly simple and sensible:

Prospective employees and contractors must provide a current resume with supporting documentation and complete an employment application.

Employees and contractors must have sufficient expertise in organic production and/or handling techniques to successfully perform assigned duties. Individuals contracted by A Bee Organic as inspectors, reviewers, and trainers must submit documentation of expertise in the specific area(s) for which they are hired. This documentation, including additional training, must be updated annually. All employees, staff or contractors must complete and sign a Confidentiality Statement and annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

Confidentiality Statement     Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Current Jobs Available:

A Bee does not have any open inspections at this time.