A Bee Organic founders Sarah Costin and Ro Elgas created a Certification Agency based on customer service and empowerment. Through acts as simple as answering the phone or explaining NOP rule, A Bee has show up to support clients. A Bee Organic is privileged to serve, certify and grow along with our clients across the US and abroad.

A Bee has taken a leadership position in certification of Organic Hydroponic and Aquaponic crops. The pure efficiency of the systems, which use 85% to 90% less water than the same crop grown in-soil, should be enough to excite consumers. 

At A Bee Organic, the goal is to give all clients stellar service by a friendly informed staff. In May, 2017 the A Bee Organic partners decided to further this goal by selling the agency to Where Food Comes From, Inc., a group of like-minded people based in Castle Rock, Colorado. 

Sarah Costin, Director sarah cashew

Co-creator of A Bee Organic, Sarah Costin came into an organic mindset early in life, taught by her parents that nature was to be observed, worked with and nurtured.

Sarah also works with Holistic Management International to help landowners conserve resources while maintaining and improving their farms and ranches. In her “spare” time she enjoys traveling to educate, and be educated, on all things organic, and beyond.