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"A Bee Organic...Or No Bee"
"A Bee Organic...If You Be Organic"
"A Bee Organic...Lives Long and Pollinates"
"A Bee Organic...Bee Cause"
"A Bee Organic...Will Be"


The vast labeling law of the USDA National Organic Program can be a potent business and marketing tool. Organics are part of the health practices of many and most profoundly are the infrastructures built into national and international organic programs which support and maintain the heath and sustainability of our land, water, air, bees, birds, bears and future generations.

At A Bee we do not think that Organic is a fad or trend but the key to our global future. Just as a bee is only organic when we are, the same is true of our children, our pets, our food and this spinning round rock we call home.

A Bee Organic is a "Next-Generation" Organic Certification Agency conceived by Sarah Costin & Ro Elgas. The intent was to create an Organic Certification Agency from the ground up and to integrate the founders' bio-ethics of Personal Permaculture and Sustainable Business Practices with the standard set by the National Organic Program.

To support growing organic awareness, A Bee Organic has made a dedicated effort to ensure the humane treatment of clients by reviewing all forms to reduce repetition, get the most complete information and allow for accurate inspections and reviews. To ensure friendly personalized service, clients are assigned an A Bee Organic Tracker as a contact person should there be questions about application, certification or billing status. Also innovative is the A Bee Organic fee schedule which was purposefully structured to keep costs low and support our clients who are thorough, responsive and compliant.

A Bee Organic...because we firmly believe that your success is our collective future.


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