“A Bee Organic…Will Be”

The USDA Organic label is a powerful marketing tool with a seal that is easily recognized by consumers.Organic4colorsealJPG

USDA Organic production methods help to protect our pollinators, water (and fish & frogs) and soil ecology. Organic cultivation benefits farmworkers and the health of their unborn children, particularly when compared to “conventional” synthetic chemical farming methods. The organic seal assures that products are verified as produced without GMO’s, irradiation, and sewer sludge. It’s no surprise that the organic label brings a marketplace premium.

A Bee Organic is an accredited Certification Agency (ACA) that has been in operation since 2010. Certifying agents are responsible for ensuring that USDA organic products meet the NOP organic standard. A Bee’s clients need to comprehend the standard in order to create vibrant, successful organic operations. It’s A Bee Organic’s policy to encourage our clients to read through NOP definitions and regulations that relate to their operations and then to ask as many questions as desired. Questions and answers are the building blocks of an operation’s understanding of the regulations. At A Bee Organic we demonstrate our belief that organic is our future through our ongoing communication with and care of our clients.

For more information on the certification process, tap on the category button for which you are requesting organic certification. We look forward to hearing from you!

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